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Why ProOcean Tech?

The increasing human populations in coastal areas are having severe impacts marine ecosystems. This unplanned and random growth has as a common denominator the absence of social and urban action plans, which has not only generated problems to the environment in terms of contamination, but also of identity problems and poverty: perhaps the primary cause of threats to ecosystems and species in coastal and marine habitats.

On the other hand, research and conservation programs in marine and coastal environments, especially those found in sparsely inhabited and underdeveloped regions, face challenges in terms of poorly planned infrastructures with significant construction deficiencies and in creating an empathetic and sustainable system with the communities.

ProOcean Tech is formed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals and experts who seek to develop construction technologies that improve research and conservation of marine and coastal environments and species.

Using a multidisciplinary approach will increase innovation and the development of problem-solving technologies that allow for more sustainable community development. This approach also aims to reduce the impact of construction activities on marine and coastal ecosystems, as well as construction costs.


ProOcean Tech seeks to develop construction technologies to improve the research and conservation of marine and coastal environments and species, based on the fusion of sustainable community development and architecture using innovative technologies.

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