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Protecting nature is something that we must instill from childhood. As parents, we have to be the first to set an example and make our children become healthy and aware of their actions.

This process should be aimed at forming values, attitudes and behaviors in favor of nature. It is about not only talking to them about climate change or the extinction of marine and coastal species and ecosystems, but also teaching them respect for marine life, and showing them the great surprises and mysteries that lie in the oceans.

This will result in more responsible adults in the future, with greater awareness and caring for the environment.


The purpose of ProOcean Kids is to ensure that children, adolescents, and young adults understand the importance of our oceans and the marine life within them. We will use diverse and unconventional tools to deliver messages that instill a caring for our oceans and marine life and that their actions can make a positive impact on the future.

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