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We are a non-profit civil association created to recover and conserve marine and coastal environments using innovative methods for scientific research, education and outreach, and stakeholder participation to better understand and solve critical problems. Our efforts are global, with a special emphasis on endangered marine species, their habitats, and coastal communities.

Scientific innovation and education translated into actions presents a unique opportunity in the search for alternatives that foster change that will reduce negative effects of humans on our oceans.

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Restore and conserve marine and coastal biodiversity using innovative tools, research, capacity building, and stakeholder participation.


Restoring the natural balance of marine and coastal environments.


“Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer”  Marica Wieder

Marco García Cruz

President & CEO

Barcelona, Spain

Cathi Campbell


Florida, USA ​

Margarita Lampo


Caracas, Venezuela ​

Silvia Lecuna


Barcelona, Spain ​

Cynthia Lagueux

Conservation & Outreach

Florida, USA ​

Santiago Lecuna

Logistic Coordinator

Voiron, France ​

Pedro vernet

Project Coordinator

Bogota, Colombia ​

Affiliate experts

Karen Bjorndal

Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research

Florida, USA ​

Alan Bolten

Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research

Florida, USA ​

Alejandro Lecuna

Design and Innovation Methodology

Anhalt University. Berlin, Germany

Edlin Guerra Castro


Merida, Mexico

Sergio Zambrano-Martínez

GIS Specialist

Canary Island. Spain

Carlos Coste

Awarded Freediver

Bonaire Island, Netherlands

Daniel García Cruz

Head of Design

Madrid, Spain

Carlos Carreras

University of Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Kathryn M Rodriguez-Clark

George Mason University


Guillermo Garcia Cruz


Cambridge, UK

Hannah Vander Zanden

Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research

Florida, USA

Hector Barrios-Garrido

University of Zulia


Brendan Godley

University of Exeter

Exeter, UK ​

Mariana Fuentes

Florida State University

Florida, USA ​

Natalie Wildermann

Texas Sea Grant at Texas A&M University

Texas, USA ​

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